Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last few weeks you would have noticed for bad credit loans no credit check from unsecuredloans4u.co.uk plastered all over you t.v and radio! there the short term loan bad credit experts that have hit the market. Their advertising themselves as the local friendly firm in the Uk.
Well this for me was one rather large statement so as any good journalist would I thought it’s my turn to test this out and see what customers really get in return for their custom. I put into motion my cunning plan first stem was to call their call centre based in the south coast of the UK in as they say sunny Bournemouth.

I called as a really confused customer couldn’t find my account number didn’t know a lot about anything! I got through to a young lad who sounded pretty chipper considering he was working on a Saturday I peppered the lad with random unhelpful questions about everything random under the sun to his credit he took them all in his stride.
First step very impressive I had to hang up randomly as I didn’t have an account and didn’t want to get rumbled.

Second step was the application step ?

so I called got through to a young girl called Charlotte seemed again very friendly and ready to help. I started by being nothing but a massive pain talking to other people while she was asking me questions not concentrating etc she again dealt with it well even joked and asked if now was a good time and maybe she could call me back when I have a bit of free time, not rude but enough to tell me to listen I was very impressed I really did try my best to throw her off he stride?

Now the major one do they actually care about customers to check this I filled in my income and expenditure with Charlotte and made sure my figures showed I couldn’t afford the repayments! Now under their license she is supposed to tell me I can’t afford it and decline it but a lot of companies don?t so honestly was expecting to sail through.
Well she very polite me told me that it looks like the payments would put me under a lot of financial strain and declined my application without me feeling stupid.

Overall I was very impressed they genuinely are a very friendly company trying to help and won’t put their customers in a bad financial situation I wish a lot of companies would take this approach with their client’s.